The story of brandt

Elephants, an ancient and mysterious social animal, people like elephants, people worship elephants.

Elephants are the largest living terrestrial animals in the world with a large, solid and reliable body. Elephants are not clumsy. They are intelligent, meek and kind-hearted by nature. They are the representatives of loyalty and credibility.

The elephant sometimes moves slowly, but trekking through mountains and rivers like walking on flat ground, and walking on the steep mountain road like being on a smooth road; Elephants sometimes will gallop...

Logo is a clever combination of the graphics of elephant and the letter "Eleph". And the whole pattern is triangular. The elephant's forelegs are on "E" and the elephant's nose is facing the sky. It is just like the horn for an advance that has been sounded, we are ready to go at all times...

The overall tone of logo is green, implying that elephants come from forests and grasslands, our company is full of vitality and vigorous development, and we will also pay more attention to technology upgrading, energy saving and environmental protection for our products.

Based on this, we will be the advocate and practitioner of credibility. Our products will be as reliable and durable as "Elephant". Our entire team will be closely united and ready to provide solutions to customers’ requirements.

"Eleph" is the provider of advanced equipment in global logistics industry , "Eleph" is a group of happy people...